Our downtown merchants are supported by our Sylvester Main Street Program and by their Downtown Development Authority (DDA). The DDA promotes business retention and recruitment, advertising and promotion for merchants.

Facade Improvement Grant Program

The Facade Improvement Grant seeks to assist businesses in the Downtown Sylvester area in order to improve the appearance of individual building facades, awnings, as well as the overall historic look of the downtown district. All updates must conform with current codes and be preformed with licensed contractors and businesses. Principal facades can be the front, side, or rear of building as long as improvements are facing a public right of way

Maximum Awards:

The program provides a 50% reimbursement based off eligible invoices and receipts to businesses located within the Downtown Development Authority of the City of Sylvester boundaries, as noted on the Downtown Development Authority Map. The program offers up to $1000.00 in matching funds, and in certain cases design assistance to businesses, this design assistance will be provided by Department of Community Affairs, design studio.

Eligable Expenses:

  • Exterior cleaning/painting or paint removal
  • Masonry repair/repainting
  • Repair/replacement architectural details
  • Window repair/replacement
  • New awning/rehab existing
  • Rehab or reconstruction storefront
  • Removal metal siding/exterior slip covers\

Eligible Applicants:

Any property owner or store proprietor/tenant with a valid lease as well as authority from the owner can apply for funding. Property must be located within Downtown Business District. Property owner can only apply for one Façade Grant per quarter.

Priority Funding will be given to:

  • Awning repair/installation
  • Removing non-historic elements
  • Rehabilitation or compatible reconstruction

How the program Works:

  • Meet with Design Chair, Main Street Manager prior to application
  • Applicants must submit an application to the Sylvester Main Street Director by close of business on the 1st .
  • Application will be reviewed by the Downtown Development Authority of The City of Sylvester’s secretary based on clear and documented criteria.
  • It is then referred to the Design committee for approval and once reviewed by the Design committee , the application is then presented to the board of directors for Downtown Development Authority of the City of Sylvester for their approval.
  • Upon Approval, the Downtown Development Authority enters into a grant contract with the applicant setting forth, among other things, the scope of work as approved by the design committee
  • Applicants are responsible for obtaining all necessary governmental permits and authorizations, including building permits. Applicants should provide copies to the Downtown Development Authority of Sylvester’s secretary in order for these to be turned over to board of directors
  • Downtown Development Authority of the City of Sylvester’s, secretary will be permitted to inspect the project to ensure conformance with the grant contract
  • The Downtown Development Authority of the City of Sylvester does not reimburse for any work performed prior to application approval and approval by Downtown Development Authority of the City of Sylvester’s board of directors.
  • Receipts must be submitted before funding will be dispersed and work must be provided by a licensed contractor and/or holds a current business license.
  • After inspection 50 % of actual cost (shown by receipts) will be reimbursed by the Downtown Development Authority of the City of Sylvester not to exceed original funds which were awarded by The Downtown Development of The City of Sylvester.
  • The Downtown Development Authority of the City of Sylvester will not complete or will not be responsible for any of the of the work
  • Approved projects should be completed within 90 days or funds may not be guaranteed
  • This is a cash matching program only

The Downtown Development Authority of The City of Sylvester reserves the right to reject any application. If an application is denied approval, there is an appeals process in place. The applicant may reapply using a different concept or proposed modification, as my be suggested by committee. The revised plan must be submitted within 14 days of denial.Paint colors chips should be submitted with this application. The historic character of a property should be retained. The removal of distinctive materials or alteration of features, spaces, and spatial relationships that characterize a property will be avoided. Facade Grant Application

For more information on the Facade Grant program contact Main Street Director, Karen Singletary at 229-773-7716.