We would love for you to visit Sylvester. Tourist information is available at the Sylvester Main Street office. Contact Director Karen Singletary for more inormation.

Explore Downtown

Sylvester as it is known now actually began as "Isabella Station", because of its depot located on the Brunswick Albany Railroad and was used as access to Isabella. The first known record of the name Sylvester was when a post office opened inside the depot June 17,1882. Downtown Sylvester is proudly still a quaint downtown with many local businesses. Sylvester is a pedisterian friendly community with downtown offering agreat shopping experience. The diversity of our downtown businesses such as salons, restaruants, attorney's, boutique stores, gift stores, jewlers, florist, second hand, antique stores, auction houses, nail salon, veternarians, printing companies, and music studios. With such a diversity in downtown businesses, Sylvester has something for everyone.