Storm Info

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The City of Sylvester CIty Hall will be closed on Wednesday October 10th and will reopen Thursday at noon on October 11th. due to weather conditions.

We will be opening a Comfort Center at HH Woolard Center at 709 West Wallace Street. It will open at 8am Wednesday October 10TH 2018

This will be a Comfort Center only, you will need bring your own blankets, pillows, medications, food and other needed items.

Any one in a mobile Home is encouraged to come to the Comfort Center.

The City of Sylvester also have sandbags available at our Old Public Works Facility located at 206 E Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. This is for CIty of Sylvester residents only.

If anyone wants to donate non-perishables, snacks and water you can take them to The Sylvester Police Department located on South Isabella Street.

If you are on Oxygen or any other Life necessary equpiment and live in the CIty limits please call 776-8505 or 911.

******EVERYONE ***** Please pick up loose items in your yard and check on your neighbors to see if they need help preparing. Tie down TRAMPOLINES and pick up lawn chairs, Anything that can become a PROJECTILE!

******** We are expecting Tropical force/ and or Hurricane winds that are sustained with higher wind gusts. Everyone please be careful and try to stay in and only travel if necessary **********